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Mastering Overview

Years of experience combined with the finest sound sculpting tools available today will provide your music with the best possible results!

Let's get your tracks loud, punchy, and clear!

As a mastering engineer I am responsible for preparing and submitting files with these goals in mind:

The master should sound good across a wide range of systems (laptop speakers, earbuds, hi-fi systems, etc.).

The master should sound like a finished product.

The master should meet technical specifications presented by labels / artists.

The master should be able to compete commercially in the market.

The master must not sound worse than the mix.

Above all, YOU should be happy with the final product!

I would love to assist you in your musical journey by mastering your next track! I work with all genres of music, from classical to EDM, Hip-Hop, and metal! This process is a blend of artistry and technical skills which work together to serve your music in the best way possible. So what are you waiting for? Let's get your songs sounding clean and polished! Order now!

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Send your tracks/links to download to americanmasters@yahoo.com

WAV format is best. No MP3 files please. 

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